Universal Sankofa is a husband and wife team striving to provide our community with quality products made with love. Universal Sankofa's mission is to provide products that celebrate, inspire and uplift the culture of melalanted people.

Our symbol is the Infinity symbol infused with the Sankofa heart symbol. The universe is infinite. Sankofa is a word in the Twi language that means to “go back and get it”. The overall essence of Universal Sankofa is to go back to your roots, not just the physical, but your ethereal essence, the source, your true self.  

Our LLC was created in 2017.  We started selling body products and apparel using the HTV process.  Over the years we have grown and wanted a better quality product.  We have transitioned into embroidery and DTG.

We started selling on this website and vendor events.  The pandemic transitioned us onto Etsy.com where have had much success.  We are continuing to grow our business and offer quality products to our customers.

If you are hesitant to shop from a website that you don't know and trust, we understand.  Check out our etsy store reviews and ratings to know that you are in good hands:


We appreciate your love and support!