Manifest & Meditate Back Tie Shirt


Meditate & Manifest that ish!

Front: Meditate & Manifest
Back : Universal Sankofa symbol

The Universal Sankofa symbol is the infinity symbol infused with the Sankofa heart symbol. The universe is infinite. Sankofa is a word in the Twi language that means to "go back and get it". The overall essence of Universal Sankofa is to go back to your roots, not just the physical, but your ethereal essence, the source, your true self.

Size Chart

XS - 38"
S - 40"
M - 42"
L - 44"
XL - 46"

~70% Polyester 30% Rayon.
~Lightweight, soft fabric
~ The open back and slightly loose fit creates a breezy feel with more cooling as your run heats up. Features lightweight, comfy fit.
~Soft to the touch, quick drying and lightweight
~It’s split in the middle so it can be tied in the back
~This Women's workout tshirt is ideal for your fitness. Lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric helps keep you dry, hip-hugging cut creates a modern silhouette you can move in
~vinyl print (for durability wash delicate, air dry)