Melanin Academy - Tye Dye Crop Top


The Melanin Academy is a school of thought within you. You were born with everything you need to know, you just need to remember it.

Front: Melanin Academy
Left Sleeve: 8
Back : Universal Sankofa symbol

The Universal Sankofa symbol is the infinity symbol infused with the Sankofa heart symbol. The universe is infinite. Sankofa is a word in the Twi language that means to "go back and get it". The overall essence of Universal Sankofa is to go back to your roots, not just the physical, but your ethereal essence, the source, your true self.

~thin and a little stretchy
~comfortable loose fit (see sizing chart below)
~Distressed crop top (tears upper front & upper and lower back)
~handwash for longevity
~vinyl print


XS: Shoulder: 16.9, Sleeve Length: 6.5, Bust: 37.8, Length: 17.7

S: Shoulder: 17.3, Sleeve Length: 6.7, Bust: 39.4, Length: 18.1

M / One Size : Shoulder: 17.7 , Sleeve Length: 6.9, Bust: 40.9 , Length: 18.5

L: Shoulder: 18.1, Sleeve Length: 7.1, Bust: 42.5, Length: 18.9

XL: Shoulder: 18.5, Sleeve Length: 7.3, Bust: 44.1, Length: 19.3

XXL: Shoulder: 18.9, Sleeve Length: 7.5, Bust: 45.7, Length: 19.7